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Analysis of the Atmosphere Interaction with the Ocean Surface by Means of Satellite Microwave Radiometry in the Resonance Bands

A. G. Grankov, A. A. Milshin

Kotelínikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics of RAS, Fryazino Branch


The paper is received on February 10, 2014


Abstract. A comparison of the ship-borne data obtained in the NEWFOUEX-88 and ATLANTEX-90 experiments from aboard the R/Vs Victor Bugaev, Musson, and Volna in the Newfoundland energy-active zone in the North Atlantic and the data of the simultaneous measurements of brightness temperature of the microwave natural radiation of the ocean and atmosphere obtained with a SSM/I scanning radiometer from the US F-08 DMSP meteorological satellite is presented. The brightness temperature was found been clearly correlated with the synoptic variations of the heat fluxes at the interface between the ocean and atmosphere, and the enthalpy of the atmospheric boundary layer. The paper analyses the role of regions of the radiowave`s resonant absorption in the atmospheric molecular oxygen and water vapour, which are responsible for the formation of connection between synoptic variations of the natural microwave radiation and surface heat fluxes.

Keywords: satellite microwave radiometry, system ²ocean-atmosphere², brightness temperature, surface heat fluxes, atmospheric enthalpy.