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Seminsulating 6H-SiC substrates for application in modern electronics


A. A. Lebedev 1,5, S. V. Belov 1, S. P. Lebedev 1,5, D. P. Litvin 1,2 , I. P. Nikitina 1,

A. V. Vasilev 2, Yu. N. Makarov 2, S. S. Nagaluk 2, A. N. Smirnov 1,5, V. V. Popov 3,
V. N. Vuginov 4, R. G. Shifman 4, Yu. S. Kuzmichev 4, N. K. Travin 4, O. V. Venediktov 4

) Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute of RAS

2) Nitride Crystals Group Ltd. St.Petersburg

3) JSC SvetlanaSt. Petersburg

4) JSC Svetlana-Elektronpribor, St. Petersburg

5)  Saint-Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics

 The paper is received on February 6, 2014

Abstract: In this paper a study of semi-insulating 6H-SiC substrates production "Svetlana-Electronpribor". It was shown that substrate grown by its parameters are not inferior to similar substrates produced by leading world companies. Consider the possible applications of this material in the production of various electronic devices

Key words: semi-insulating silicon carbide field effect transistors, gallium nitride, graphene.