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Electromagnetic translucence of dielectric screens from materials with a high damping factor at microwave frequencies


K. M. Baskov, V. N. Kisel'

Institute of Theoretical ans Applied Electrodynamics of RAS

Received December 28, 2012


Abstract. Paper deals with the ability to transmit electromagnetic energy through the thick dielectric screens (screen thickness is several skin depths) of materials with high attenuation at microwave frequencies. The cases where the screen is made of ordinary dielectrics with low loss-angle tangent, with metal-like materials with loss-angle close to 900, and of plasma-like materials with loss-angle over 900 are considered. The case of absolute translucence of lossless plasma-like material is separately discussed. The results of studies presented in this paper were reported at the 6th All-Russian Conference "Radar and radiocommunication."

Keywords: electromagnetic wave, diffraction gratings, equivalent long line, sandwich dielectric structure, plasma, electromagnetic enlightenment.