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Investigation of wide-band planar Luneburg lenses


V. V. Akhiyarov 1 , V. A. Kaloshin 2, E. A. Nikitin 2,3

1 Scientific Institute of Radio-Electronics Technology of Bauman Moscow State Technical University

2 Kotelínikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of RAS,
Moscow Technical University of Communication and Informatics


The paper is received on January 20, 2014


Abstract. Numerical electromagnetic modeling of two types of metal-dielectric planar Luneburg lenses: a radially stratified and based on ring dielectric EBG structure have been made. Simulation is carried out using three methods: a parabolic equation, integral equations and finite element method. The problems of radiation and diffraction of a plane wave considered. The broadband properties of planar Luneburg lenses have been investigated.

Keywords: Planar lens, Luneburg lens, broadband antennas, integral equation, parabolic equation, finite element method.