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The estimation of measurement error of scalar data parameter of moving extended object on the background of additive non-Gaussian noise


V. M. Artyushenko 1, V. I. Volovach 2

1 Finance and Technology Academy, Korolev, Russia

2 Volga Region State University of Service, Togliatti, Russia


The paper is received on January 11, 2015


Abstract. It is shown that in the conditions of small deletions of located objects from short-range radar characteristics of the processed signal significant change when the object moves within the range of the meter. The expressions for describing the shape of the radiation pattern of the radar meter are presented and analyzed. Measurement errors of scalar information parameter of useful signal is determined and the estimation of errors is given on the background of non-Gaussian additive noise in condition of the changing range, taking into account the radiation pattern shape meter, and depending on the nature of the movement of located object. The scalar information parameter is the frequency change of the useful signal, which carries information about the speed of movement of located object. It is shown that the inclusion of non-Gaussian nature of the additive noise which affects the measured information parameters of the processed signal, can significantly increase the potential accuracy of the meter.

Key words: radar meter, extended object, scalar information parameter, the radiation pattern, the additive Gaussian-noise ratio, signal to noise ratio, error of measurement of speed.


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