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Challenges of designing new generation of on-board radar systems
V. S. Verba

JSC “Concern of radio engeneering “Vega”


 The paper is received on December 23, 2015


Abstract. Specifics of functioning of on-board radars as a part of integrated airborne systems are studied within the framework of non-contact network-centric warfare. A range of top-priority theoretical challenges of designing new generation radar systems is listed. Efficiency indices of radar systems are given. General design issues of developing on-board radars are studied. The issues are defined by the role and placement of radar systems in multi-static guidance systems and integrated airborne systems. Practical challenges arising during design of future airborne information control systems are discussed. Technological problems and critical technologies that needs for new-generation airborne radar creating are considered.

Key words: on-board radar, integrated airborne systems, efficiency indices, multi-static guidance systems, surveillance, detection, tracking, identification, airborne radar, critical technology, technological mode.