"JOURNAL OF RADIO ELECTRONICS" (Zhurnal Radioelektroniki ISSN 1684-1719, N 7, 2016

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Development of broadband radar absorbing material possessing high-level operating performance


V. I. Ivanova, S. G. Kibets, I. I. Krasnolobov, A. N. Lagarkov, A. A. Politiko, V. N. Semenenko, V. A. Chistyaev

Institute for Theoretical and Applied Electromagnetics of The Russian Academy of Sciences (ITAE RAS), Moscow

The paper is received on June 3, 2016

Abstract. The problem of stabilizing parameters of antennas placed on a metal platform is actual in connection with the development of ultra-wideband antenna systems. Due to the diffraction and interference phenomena on a metal platform there is a substantial violation of radio parameters of antenna systems: irregularity of radiation patterns, violation of polarization patterns, etc. Application of broadband radio absorbing materials (RAM) on the platform considerably diminishes irregularity of antenna radiation patterns and stabilizes its radio technical characteristics. In practice such RAM are used because of influence of difficult complex of environmental factors. Within the framework of decision of this problem broadband multi-layered RAM of brand RAN-67 developed by ITAE RAS is presented. RAM RAN-67 is intended for reduce of reflection coefficient of elements of objects construction in frequency range from 8 to 18 GHz. Modulus of reflection coefficient of RAM RAN-67 at normal incidence of electromagnetic waves in this frequency range makes minus 15 dB no more. In the paper the following tests are described that exposed the RAM to assess its resistance to external influencing factors: temperature ageing, thermocycling, influence of positive and negative temperatures and others. The method is proposed for measuring the temperature dependence of the reflection coefficient of flat RAM samples in the wide frequency range from 2 to 24 GHz at normal incidence of electromagnetic waves. As results the comparative characteristics of radar cross section diagrams, frequency dependences of reflection coefficient and characteristics of RAM resistance at opening fracture mode are suggested. It is shown in the total that RAM RAN-67 has high-level operating reliability. At development of this RAM the following principle was realized: “adhesive strength is higher than cohesive”. The observance of this principle eliminates a possibility of exfoliation of layers by big pieces which can damage the construction of antenna platform. The high-level radio absorbing properties of RAM RAN-67 in the frequency range from 8 to 18 GHz in combination with high mechanical characteristics, and also rather small weight and thickness (about 4 mm), allow to recommend this RAM for application in ultra-wideband antenna systems.

Key words: radar absorbing material, reflection coefficient, physical and mechanical properties, radar cross section diagram.


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