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N 7 - July 2016

The error detection code based on the transformation of Christenson over the field GF(4).

V. A. Vershinin

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Direct digital synthesizer with angular modulation.
I. V. Ryabov, E. S. Klyuzhev, I. V. Strelnikov, P. M. Uriev

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Development of broadband radar absorbing material possessing high-level operating performance.

V. I. Ivanova, S. G. Kibets, I. I. Krasnolobov, A. N. Lagarkov, A. A. Politiko, V. N. Semenenko, V. A. Chistyaev

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Measurements of the linewidth of Josephson junction with injectors.
M. E. Paramonov, E. B. Goldobin, V. P. Koshelets

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Thermal effects of electromagnetic radiation on the conductive particles integrated into the dielectric medium.

P. S. Glazunov, V. A. Vdovin, A. I. Slepkov

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Studying the dependence of radar data processing results on the processing parameters. Part 3. Main results of SAR  PALSAR/ALOS data processing obtained over the Moscow territory using PS technique.
A. A. Feoktistov, A. I. Zakharov, M. A. Gusev, P. V. Denisov

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Using Fourier spectrum for retouching and restoration missing parts of the image which were deformed by instrumental function.

A.V. Kokoshkin, V.A. Korotkov, K.V. Korotkov, E.P. Novichihin

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A conceptual model for interoperable regional mobile system of health protection of inhabitants of small and remote settlements.

V. S. Belov, A. I. Samarkin

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Incorporation of distributed multi-agent programming means in a strongly type logic language.

A. A. Morozov, O. S. Sushkova, A. F. Polupanov

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