"JOURNAL OF RADIO ELECTRONICS" (Zhurnal Radioelektroniki ISSN 1684-1719, N 7, 2016

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 I. V. Ryabov 1, E. S. Klyuzhev 2, I. V. Strelnikov 3, P. M. Uriev 2

1 Volga State University of Technology

2FJSC "Mari Machine-building Plant"
3 Company "Novator"


The paper is received on June 7, 2016

Abstract. The paper presents principles of construction and structural-circuit design solutions of synthesizer with angle modulation that are based on the direct method of digital synthesis. The research is focused on the methods of formation of complex wideband signals, as well as structure of DDS frequency synthesizer. Synthesizers with angle modulation are used in radar, navigation, adaptive communications systems as the oscillator of the transmitter and the receiver heterodyne. In modern conditions the operation of such systems meets a number of issues relating to the high level of phase noise. Presented synthesizer has the following competitive advantages: a wide range of operating frequencies, high "spectral purity" of the synthesized signal, high tune speed, good repeatability when replicating. Structural scheme of the Direct digital synthesizer to synthesize signals with angle modulation in the frequency range up to 2 GHz is presented, which can be used in modern radars. Spectrograms of output signals are given.

Key words: direct digital synthesis, direct digital synthesizers, digital-to-analog converter, function converter code-sine, frequency accumulator, phase accumulator, amplitude noise level, phase noise.


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