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1. "Journal of Radio Electronics" publishes research articles, containing original results as well as review articles on the most actual problems of radio electronics. Review articles are ordered by the editorial board. Subject of the articles should correspond to the thematic sections of the journal:

2. The submitted article must contain the following information:

You can use media files. They are sent separately with an indication of the appropriate place in the text.

3. The abstract should contain a clear and compression statement of the purpose, methods and main results of the work. It should be informative (without common words increasing the volume) and structured. The abstract should not include formulas, references, abbreviations (except generally known) and firstly used terms. Abstract size is approximately 250 words.

4. Article formating. You can find the template here.

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Note that giving reference to the main page of a site is not informative. Reference should be done to the concrete online material.


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5. Authors should comply with the ethical norms adopted by the international scientific community, see the "Responsibility of Authors" section on the "Publication Ethics".

6. Articles are accepted by e-mail: journal@cplire.ru

7. Articles sent to the editorial board are reviewed according to the established procedure.

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