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Russian page)

1. "Journal of Radio Electronics" publishes research articles, containing original results as well as review articles on the most actual problems of radio electronics. Review articles are ordered by the editorial board. Subject of the articles should correspond to the thematic sections of the journal:

2. The submitted article must contain the following information:

You can use media files. They are sent separately with an indication of the appropriate place in the text.

3. The abstract should contain a clear statement of the purpose, methods and main results of the work. It is not allowed to use formulas, references to literature, first introduced terms and abbreviations in the annotation. The size of the abstract is approximately 250 words. The abstract should be informative (do not contain general words that increase the volume) and structured (reflect the goals, methods, main content and results of the work). The authors should pay special attention to the translation of the abstract into English. The translated abstract is the main source of information about the article for foreign readers, so it must be written in good English. An English abstract should not be a literal translation ("tracing paper") from a Russian one. It is this translation that is obtained when using translation programs, for example, Google Translate. Complex Russian grammatical constructions, which are not typical for the English language, are translated by these programs with gross errors. It is better to replace such sentences with several short ones and translate without using programs. When writing an abstract in English, use the style of scientific English publications.

4. Formatting the article.

The article must be formatted in a template and correspond to its structure. Articles that are not made in the template and do not comply with the formatting rules are not accepted for consideration.

You can find the template here.

Links to DOIs and URLs of sources should be made in the form of a hyperlink (open in a new browser window).
DOI in bibliographic lists is indicated in full (https://doi.org/.....)
Formulas are centered, numbered in parentheses, on the right side of the page. Figures and captions to them are also located in the center of the page.
Lists of cited literature are given in the order in which the sources are mentioned in the text. The list of references includes mainly peer-reviewed sources: articles in scientific journals and monographs. We strongly do not recommend using textbooks, study guides, abstracts and dissertations as literary references. Reference numbers in the text of the article are enclosed in square brackets.

a) when citing a journal article, the general pattern is as follows:

Author A.A., Author B.B. Article title. Journal title in italics. 2021. V.50. 3. P.325-339. https://doi.org/xxxxx with a link in a new browser window.

If a Russian-language article is published in a journal that is being translated into English, then in the list in Latin (references) it is necessary to provide a link to the translated edition.
If the journal is not translated into English, then in the list in Latin the Russian-
language article looks like this:

Author A.A., Author B.B. Translation of the title of the article into English. Name of the journal in Latin letters (transliterated according to the BSI standard) in italics [Translation of the title of the journal into English in square brackets]. 2021. V.50. Number 3. P.325-339. https://doi.org/xxxxx with a link in a new browser window (In Russian)

For transliteration of the names and surnames of authors, titles of journals, the BSI standard should be used.


  1. Shcheglov V.I. The influence of exchange interaction and dynamic demagnetizing field on dispersion properties of Damon-Eshbach surface wave. Part 1. Transverse wave number. Zhurnal radioelectroniki [Journal of Radio Electronics]. 2019. 7. https://doi.org/10.30898/1684-1719.2019.7.3 (In Russian)

  2. Semin A.I., Trofimov V.N. Large-scale physical hydroacoustic modeling of radar systems for obtaining and processing high-resolution radar images. Proceedings of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Theory and control systems. 2005. 4. P.143-157. - in the Russian-language list

  3. Semin A.I., Trofimov V.N. Scale physical hydroacoustic modeling of radar systems of receiving and processing radar high-resolution images. Journal of Computer and System Sciences International. 2005. 4. P.641-654. - in references

b) monograph citation:

If the monograph is a translation from English, then the English-language list should contain the bibliographic data of the original.

Examples of references to monographs:

  1. Cook Ch., Bernfeld M. Radar signals (theory and application). Moscow, Soviet radio. 1971. 289 p. - in the Russian-language list.

  2. Cook C., Bernfeld M. Radar Signals: An Introduction to Theory and Application. New York, Academic Press. 1967. 567 p. - in references.

  3. Fink L.M. Teoriya peredachi discretnykh soobschenii [The theory of transmission of discrete messages]. Moscow, Sovetskoye Radio Publ. 1970. 300 p. (In English)

Examples of links to dissertations:

  1. Cook Ch., Bernfeld M. Radar signals (theory and application). Dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Mathematical Sciences. Diploma issuing institution. Moscow. 1971. 289 p. URL: www.6546546546.com

  2. Cook C., Bernfeld M. Radar Signals: An Introduction to Theory and Application. PhD thesis. Eindhoven Technische University. 2010. 273 p. URL: www.6546546546.com

c) when citing materials of conferences and articles from collections of papers, it is necessary to translate the title of the article into English, and write the name of the conference or collection in transliteration in italics, then give the translation in square brackets.

Examples of links to conference materials and articles from collections of papers:

  1. Gavrilov V.M., Shamanskaya E.L. Computer modeling of HF-UHF diagnostics and therapy. XIV International Scientific Conference "Physics and Radioelectronics in Medicine and Ecology - FREME' 2020". Vladimir - Suzdal. 2020. Vol.1. pp.67-71. https://doi.org/10.1109/GSMM.2017.7970320

  2. Gavrilov V.M., Shamanskaya E.L. Computer modeling of RF-microwave diagnostics and therapy. Proceedings of XIV International Scientific Conference "Fizika i radioelektronika v meditsine i ekologii FREME'2020" ["Physics and Radioelectronics in Medicine and Ecology FREME' 2020"]. Vladimir-Suzdal. 2020.V.1. P.67-71. https://doi.org/10.1109/GSMM.2017.7970320 (In Russian) - in references

  3. Dmitriev P., Fominsky M. Development of a 0.85 THz Nb-AlN-NbN Superconductor-Insulator-Superconductor Mixer. 10th Global Symposium on Millimeter Waves. 2017.V.2. No. 1. P.10-15. https://doi.org/10.1109/GSMM.2017.7970320

d) when citing electronic resources, it is necessary to indicate the name and authors (organization or individuals) of the specific page of the site being quoted, the name of the site, the organization that owns the site or database, the date of publication or update, if possible, and also indicate the date the resource was accessed, The URL of the specific site page that is being cited. The link to the main page of the site is not informative and does not provide an opportunity to verify the information.


  1. Author A.A. Title of the cited material [web]. Name of the site. Date of access: 01/01/2000. URL: www.1234.com

  2. Author A.A. Nazvanie tsitiruemogo materiala [Title of cited web page] [web]. Nazvanie saita [Title of site]. Date of access: 01/01/2000. URL: www.1234.com

  3. Author A.A. Title of cited web page [web]. Title of site. Date of access: 01.01.2000. URL: www.1234.com

e) patent citation:


  1. Patent RF No. 2683804. Ivanov A.V. Tunnel'nyi mikroskop na lampakh nakalivaniya [Tunnel microscope on incandescent lamps]. Application Date: 01/01/1999. Publication Date: 01.01.1999. 12 p. URL: www.1112345.com (In Russian)

  2. USA Patent No. 6 288 686. Josypbiiko Michael J. Tapered Direct Fed Quadrifilar Helix Antenna. Application Date: 01/23/2000. Publication Date: 01/23/2002. URL: www.1112345.com

After that comes information about the authors: full name and available codes - ScopusID, ResearcherID. ORCID, SPIN.

5. The authors comply with the ethical standards adopted by the international scientific community. see the "Responsibility of Authors" section on the "Publishing Ethics" page.

6. Articles are accepted by the editors by e-mail: journal@cplire.ru.

7. Articles sent to the editors are reviewed in accordance with the established procedure.

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