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Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement
Russian page)

The editorial board of the journal works in accordance with international principles of publication ethics expressed in the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and the Ethical Code of Academic Periodicals, keeps within the laws of Russian Federation about authorТs intellectual property rights, do everything to eliminate publication malpractice and abuse of office.

Responsibility of the editor-in-chief and members of the editorial board

The editor-in-chief is responsible for all content of the journal.

Editor-in-chief makes impartial decision about publication based on peer review and discussion on the editorial board meeting.

Editor-in-chief and members of editorial board are responsible for selection of reviewers.

Editor-in-chief approves the order of reviewing and works out recommendations for reviewers.

Editor-in-chief, members of editorial board and executive secretaries have a responsibility to keep confidentiality, they must not disclose content of received articles and use it in their research works.

Editor-in-chef doesn't conclude a treaty with authors, the right of intellectual property belongs to authors.

Publishing is free of charge.

Journal is an open access journal, it is published on its own site http://jre.cplire.ru and also on the site of Scientific Electronics Library http://e-library.ru. The editor-in-chief and executive secretaries are responsible for timly delivery of journal's issues to Scientific Electronics Library.

In the case of revealing plagiarism and other illegitimate actions the editor-in-chief must publish a denial with the reference to identical article and also apologize to authors of this article and readers.

Responsibility of reviewers

All incoming articles are reviewed according to established order.

Reviewer regards article sended to him as intellectual property of authors. The content of the article mustn't be used by reviewer for personal goals.

Reviewer considers the article confidentially and doesn't disclose its content before publishing.

Reviewing must be impartial: reviewer mustn't have a conflict of interests with authors. If the conflict takes place, reviewer must inform the editor-in-chief about it and decline to review.

Reviewer is based on the idea that his comments and suggestions should help the authors to improve the article. Comments and suggestions should be concrete, clear for authors and contain either conclusion about possibility to publish article (in initial form or after revision), or recommendation to editorial board to reject article.

If the reviewer finds a sign of unfair practices (uncertainty or falsification of data, plagiarism in any form) he must inform the editor-in-chief about it.

Responsibility of authors

Submitted articles should represent original results obtained by the author (group of authors). Information in the text of the article must be reliable. Any falsification is inadmissible.

Article should contain enough information for checking its results by other researchers.

If the author uses information from other research works he must give references to original publication in his article. A plagiarism in any form (from giving other's article as author's own to using results of other articles without citation) is inadmissible.

If the author reveals substantial errors in the article on the stage of reviewing or after publishing he must notify the editor-in-chief about it as soon as possible and cooperate with the editorial board for publications of corrections or retraction.

Submission of one and the same article to several journals is inadmissible. Authors must not submit articles which were published earlier or sent to other journals.

Authors are responsible for compliance with the rules of publication in the press.

Authors lists the sources of finance of his project in the chapter "Acknowledgements".

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