"JOURNAL OF RADIO ELECTRONICS" (Zhurnal Radioelektroniki ISSN 1684-1719, N 7, 2019

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Physical experiment on antenna pattern retrieval in the framework of a converging cluster of plane waves


L. K. T. Abuhadma, A. V. Dardymov, V. N. Lavrushev, Yu. I. Choni

Kazan National Research Technical University named after A.N. Tupolev-KAI, 10 Karl Marx Str., Kazan 420111, Russia


The paper is received on  June 12, 2019


Abstract. The results of the physical experiment on the reconstruction of the radiation pattern (DN) of the antenna performed in the educational laboratory are discussed. The R & S FSH8 handheld vector network analyzer served as a measuring instrument. Our processing program that implements the methodology of a convergent cluster of plane waves (CCPW) reads a data file from the HSF8 unit. In the measurement plane, the antenna under test has dimension of 1.5λ. It was irradiated from a short distance of 4λ. One of the objectives of the experiment was to test the applicability of the two-dimensional approach (measurement and retrieval of the antenna radiation pattern (ARP) in the plane) for an inevitably three-dimensional situation in reality. The mean square deviation of the retrieval ARP from the true one was 0.04, while its value for the primary data was 0.23. Thus, the results of the experiment are quite encouraging, especially given the instrumental error in the processed data.

Key words: experimental setup, measurements, convergent cluster of plane waves, spatial spectrum, radiation pattern, reconstruction algorithm.


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For citation:

L. K. T. Abuhadma, A. V. Dardymov, V. N. Lavrushev, Yu. I. Choni. Physical experiment on antenna pattern retrieval in the framework of a converging cluster of plane waves. Zhurnal Radioelektroniki - Journal of Radio Electronics. 2019. No. 7. Available at http://jre.cplire.ru/jre/jul19/11/text.pdf