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Editor-in-chief academician Yu.V. Gulyaev


N 7 - July 2019

  Methods of ultrashort pulse identification of parameters of material media by the configuration of non-stationary fields in radio vision.
M. S. Kostin, P. V. Sevryugin, I. A. Steshin
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  Noise immunity of reception of signals with quadrature amplitude modulation in the presence of interference with phase-shift keying.
G. V. Kulikov, A. A. Lelyuh, E. V. Batalov, P. E. Kuzelenkov
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  300 – 350 GHz frequency range orotron with two electron beams.
E. A. Myasin, V. V. Evdokimov, A. Yu. Il’yn
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  Linear antenna of transverse polarization on the dielectric groove waveguide.
Y. E. Sedelnikov, Mohamed Shaaban
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  The influence of exchange interaction and dynamic demagnetizing field on the dispersion of Damon-Eshbach surface wave. Part 1. Transverse wave number.
V. I. Shcheglov
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  Spectral properties of magnetoelastic waves in the gap structure of ferromagnetic films during their subsonic relative displacement.
S. N. Maryshev, A. V. Moiseev, E. A. Vilkov, L. A. Fomin
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  Wideband waveguide terminators based on ferroepoxide.
V. N. Semenenko, K. M. Baskov, D. I. Akimov, A. A. Politiko, V. A. Chistyaev, A. Yu. Zarubina
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  Physical experiment on antenna pattern retrieval in the framework of a converging cluster of plane waves.
K. T. Abuhadma, A. V. Dardymov, V. N. Lavrushev, Yu. I. Choni
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  A resonator for measuring the dielectric constant of thin films.
O. A. D’yakonova, Yu. N. Kazantsev
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  Small-size device for express studies of spectral-luminescent properties of porphyrins metal complexes.
I. P. Shilov, L. Yu. Kochmarev, G. L. Danielyan, B. V. Zubov
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  A model of radio signals with continuous phase modulation based on the parameters of phase diagrams and a set of informative features for recognizing types of modulation of radiation from foreign satellite communication systems. 
E. P. Kadukov
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  Method for selecting the parameters of a correlation processing device for a broadband linear-frequency-modulated signal.
E. N. Builov, S. A. Gorhkov
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  Measurement of cross thermal resistance of power modules.
V. I. Smirnov, V. A. Sergeev, A. A. Gavrikov, A. M. Shorin
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