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Decreasing of depth of elements of system of implanted-junction rectifiers and increasing of their circit complexivity by optimization inhomogeneity and annealing of doped structure


E. L. Pankratov,

Nizhniy Novgorod architectural-building  institute

Received May 15, 2010


Abstarct. It has been recently shown, that depth of diffused- and implanted-junction rectifiers could be decreased in comparison with rectifiers in homogenous samples by choosing of parameters of doped multilayer structure and by optimization of annealing. Analogous approach it could be used to increase circit complexivity of the rectifiers. In this paper we analyze redistribution of dopant during manufacturing of sistems of implanted-junction rectifiers (bipolar transistors and thyristors) to decrease depth of systems of implanted-junction rectifiers and increase circit complexivity of the systems by using inhomogeneity of semiconductor heterostructure and optimization of annealing.

Keywords: decreasing of depth of implanted-junction rectifiers, increasing of circit complexivity of system of implanted-junction rectifiers, optimization of annealing.