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Prototype of memristor memory cell based on MIM-structures using gradient HfxAl1-xOas insulator layer


A. A. Chouprik 1, A. S. Baturin 1, K. V. Bulakh 1, K. V. Egorov 1, A. A. Kuzin 1, D. V. Negrov 1, S. A. Zaitsev 1, A. M. Markeev 1,
Yu. Yu
. Lebedinskiy  3,1, E. S. Gornev 2,1, O. M. Orlov 2,1, A.V. Zablotskiy


1 Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University), Dolgoprudniy, Russia

2 Molecular Electronics Research Institute, Zelenograd, Russia

3 Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (State University) Moscow, Russia


Received June 17, 2013


Abstract.  Prototype of non-volatile resistive switch memory cell based on MIM-structures using gradient HfxAl1-xOy  as insulator layer was produced and its functional properties was investigated. These structures imitate placing of memory cells at metallization layers. Its rewrite voltage is considerably lower and its rewrite speed is considerably faster then as compared with traditional flash-memory cell.
Keywords: resistive switch effect, atomic layer deposition, non-volatile memory, hafnium oxide, ReRAM.