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Maxwell‑wagner relaxation in the electromagnetic PVF/ferrite with ellipsoidal inclusions in variation electric field


A. A. Paníkov

State National Research Politechnical University of Perm


Received June 2, 2013, after correction - June 30,  2013


Abstract. Numerical calculation and the analysis of influence of makswell-wagner relaxation on the real and imaginary parts of effective electromagnetic factor of polydisperse piezocomposites: PVF/ferrite with ellipsoidal ferrite inclusions, layers and fibers of size of filling, a form of inclusions in variation electric field is carried out. The effect of significant increase in longitudinal effective electromagnetic factor for a composite with unidirectional needle ferrite inclusions in comparison with similar coefficient for unidirectional fibrous or layered composites is revealed.

Keywords: piezocomposite, electro-magnetic elasticity, maxwell‑wagner relaxation, polydisperse structure.