"JOURNAL OF RADIO ELECTRONICS" (Zhurnal Radioelektroniki ISSN 1684-1719, N 6, 2016

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The architecture of the high frequency delta-sigma modulator  as the base of fully digital gigahertz transmitter


 O. D. Subbotin

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (state university)



The paper is received on May 30, 2016

Abstract. An improved architecture of building a delta-sigma modulator, which is the basis of fully digital transmitter operating at gigahertz carrier, is presented. A block diagram of signal processing is represented, a polyphase decomposition of DSM modulators 1 and 2 orders is carried out.  DSM 1 and 2 orders are implemented in chip Kintex 7 firm Xilinx, using polyphase conception. Logic optimization is executed for each modulator. The high frequency architecture of DSM 1 order, which is obtained on optimization, excludes feedback in an explicit form, has less complexity of combinational logic. The scheme allows to create logic with 4, 8 and more phases without decreasing clock frequency. The maximum frequency of realization for standart architecture with 4 phases is 194Mhz, for high frequency architecture with 8 phases – 316Mhz. Optimization architecture DSM 2 order is made by additional parallelization of calculations using multiplexer. As a result, the maximum frequency of the standard architecture for phases 4 is 119 MHz, high-frequency architecture for 4 phases  - 223MGts, 8 phases - 134 MHz. The results of the implementation of a polyphase and high-frequency circuits, including DSM noise, are represented for oversampling ratios 64 and 128.

Keywords: DSM, polyphaser decomposition, high-frequency architecture, OSR.


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