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Two-dimensional media on the base of dielectric slab with isotropic frequently periodical arrays


S. E. Bankov, E. V. Frolova

Kotelínikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of Russian Academy of Sciences

 Received March 26, 2013 

Abstract. Problems of mathematical modeling and multi-criteria optimization of two-dimensional artificial medias on the base of dielectric slab with isotropic metal strip grids on its surfaces are considered. Approximate equivalent impedance boundary conditions are introduced for description of the grid located between two medias. A model that takes into account dissipative loss in the grid is proposed. Dispersion equations relatively propagation constants of eigen modes of dielectric slab with grids are obtained. Quality factors of artificial medias are introduced. These factors allow one to evaluate efficiency of artificial medias application in devices of microwave integral optics. Results of numerical experiments oriented to optimization of artificial medias are presented.

Keywords: metamaterial, frequently periodical array, eigen mode, microwave optics.