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Distribution model of the microwave field in the gridless cavity gap

A. Yu. Baikov 2,  O. A. Baikova 1,  O. A. Perevozchikova 1

1National Research Nuclear University (MEPHI)

2Moscow University or Finances and Law (MFUA)


 The paper is received on March 20, 2016


Abstract. The mathematical model of the longitudinal distribution of the microwave electric component in the effective RF cavity gap is proposed. The distribution is obtained in the form of the analytical formula with one control parameter.  The dependence of the control parameter on the geometric parameters of the gap is obtained by the numerical simulation. It is shown that the error of the analytical solutions obtained in comparison with the results of numerical simulation does not exceed 5%, and the effect of this error on the error in calculating the klystron efficiency does not exceed 0.5%

Key words: klystron, microwave cavity, microwave field distribution, mathematical simulation.