Zhurnal Radioelektroniki - Journal of Radio Electronics. ISSN 1689-1719. 2020. No. 3

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DOI 10.30898/1684-1719.2020.3.10


Analysis and design of 10-element Yagi-Uda Antenna


Mohanad Abdulhamid

AL-Hikma University, Baghdad, Iraq


The paper is received on February 28, 2020


Abstract: A Yagi-Uda antenna, commonly known as a Yagi antenna, is a directional antenna consisting of multiple parallel elements in a line, usually half-wave dipoles made of metal rods. Yagi-Uda antennas consist of a single driven element connected to the transmitter or receiver with a transmission line, and additional "parasitic elements" which are not connected to the transmitter or receiver, a so-called reflector and one or more directors. The reflector element is slightly longer than the driven dipole, whereas, the directors are a little shorter. The main aim of the this paper is to come up with a 10-element Ultra High Frequency(UHF) aerial with optimal spacing that gives clear TV reception. A Yagi antenna is chosen for this study due to its high directionality, broadband capability, high gain and the availability of materials locally. An attempt is made to simulate the entire antenna and test it on a Samsung TV set.

Keywords: Yagi-Uda; 10-element; design.


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Abdulhamid M. Analysis and design of 10-element Yagi-Uda Antenna. Zhurnal Radioelektroniki - Journal of Radio Electronics. 2020. No. 3. Available at http://jre.cplire.ru/jre/mar20/10/text.pdf.  DOI 10.30898/1684-1719.2020.3.10