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(zhurnal radioelektroniki)

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Editor-in-chief academician Yu.V. Gulyaev


N 3 - March 2020
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  Algorithms of nonlinear noise-immune processing for receiving OFDM-signal constructions.

Nazarov L.E., Zudilin A.S.
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  Design problems of subtle targets detection radar system based on a digital antenna array.

Pogorelskiy I.V., Lukanov A.V., Tsvetkov V.K., Lyalin K.S.
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  Accelerated method of determining the distance to the object in the presence of frequency dispersion of the phase velocity.

Kalshchikov A.A., Shtykov V.V.
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  Method for determining the values of the effective scattering area of radar objects in the solid angles of the upper hemisphere.

Gribkov V.S.
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  Study of the influence of graphene sublayer on the morphology, optical and electrical properties of thin copper films.

Yakubovsky D.I., Kirtaev R.V.
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  Nanostructured materials based on opal matrixes and magnetic oxides Ni(Ņo)-Zn-Fe.

Belyanin A.F., Bagdasaryan A.S., Bagdasaryan S.A., Pavlyukova E.R.
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  Quasi-static modeling of microstrip filters by the method of matrix representations of boundary electromagnetic fields in the resonators.

Denisenko D.V., Radchenko V.V.
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  Presentation of electrical conductivity of graphene-containing shungite on the basis of current tubes model.

Antonets I.V., Golubev E.A., Shavrov V.G., Shcheglov V.I.
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  Research of a plane two dimensional over wave range antenna array with a feed system.

Kaloshin V.A., Le N.T.
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  Waveguide slot antenna with wide frequency scanning sector.

Kaloshin V.A., Le D.T., Frolova E.V.
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  Analysis and design of 10-element Yagi-Uda Antenna.

Abdulhamid M.
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  Features of dynamic patterns of cylindrical phased arrays.

Klygach D.S., Vakhitov M.G., Khashimov A.B.
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  Multi-beam waveguide-slot antenna arrays with bifocal beam-forming systems and wide frequency scanning sector.

Kaloshin V.A., Le D.T., Vi. U.N.
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  Multivariate analysis of photovoltaic array efficiency.

Blank A.V., Bogdanov S. D., Suhareva N.A.
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  Time domain noise analysis of oscillators.

Gourary M.M., Zharov M.M., Rusakov S.G., Ulyanov S.L.
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