Zhurnal Radioelektroniki - Journal of Radio Electronics. ISSN 1689-1719. 2020. No. 3

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DOI 10.30898/1684-1719.2020.3.9

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V. A. Kaloshin 1, D. T. Le 2, E. V. Frolova 1

1 Kotelnikov Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics of Russian Academy of Sciences, Mokhovaya 11-7, Moscow 125009, Russia

2 Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University), 9 Institutskiy per., Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region, 141701, Russia

The paper is received on March 5, 2020


Abstract. A linear waveguide slot antenna with a wide sector of frequency scanning was investigated. The antenna is made in the form of a rectangular metal waveguide integrated into the substrate with slots periodically located in the wide wall. The waveguide slot antenna radiates at the -1st spatial harmonic. Using the finite element method, several variants with different numbers and arrangement of slots on a wide waveguide wall were investigated. The waveguide cells (one period) with a single, two and three transverse slots, two and four longitudinal slots were preliminarily investigated. The cell parameters are selected from the calculation so that the reflection coefficients are minimal at a frequency of 10 GHz, and the transmission coefficients are approximately equal to -0.3 dB. Based on the analysis of the frequency stability of the transmission coefficient, an antenna with four longitudinal slots was selected for further research. It is shown that two versions of the antenna with four longitudinal slots per period provide a wide sector of frequency scanning angles. In this case, the sinusoidal distribution of the field amplitude along the antenna provides a larger efficiency in the working frequency band than exponential one. The simulation results are confirmed by the measurement results of the matching characteristics and radiation of the experimental antenna sample.

Key words: waveguide-slot antenna, frequency scanning.


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Kaloshin V.A., Le D.T., Frolova E.V. Waveguide slot antenna with wide frequency scanning sector. Journal of Radio Electronics. 2020. No. 3. Available at http://jre.cplire.ru/jre/mar20/9/text.pdf.  DOI 10.30898/1684-1719.2020.3.9