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Modelling and analysis  of bow tie nanoptenna


Shruti Taksali, Sandhya Sharma

Suresh Gyan Vihar University, India


Received May 13, 2013

Abstract. This paper focuses on the optical characterization of nano optical antenna structure which is termed as nanoptenna. Generally, the dimensions of antenna are of the order of the radiation wavelength and therefore creates the need of designing antenna at nano scale for visible portion of optical spectrum (400nm-800nm) i.e. nanoptenna. When two triangular pieces of gold are placed side by side with the apices facing one another, the capacitive coupling between them will generate even higher fields than those generated by an isolated particle. This Bowtie structure is preferred here because it offers extraordinary field confinement and a broadband spectral response as it contains Moreover; the enhanced field via the strong light spot produced by the nanopntenna is highly dependent on its structure.

Keywords: nanoptenna, bowtie, nano, optical spectrum, antenna.