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Eigen waves of a double periodical system of coupled metal waveguides

S. E. Bankov 1, G. G. Grachev 1, M. D. Duplenkova2


1 Kotel'nikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics of RAS,

 2 National Research University Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Development Bureau

Received October 28, 2011


Abstarct. Eigen modes of an infinite double periodical system of coupled metal waveguides are considered. Coupling between waveguides is produced by an infinite system of rectangular holes periodically placed along longitudinal axis. Boundary problem for waveguides with perfectly conducting and infinitely thin walls is formulated and reduced to a system of integral equations relatively electric fields in holes. The system is solved with help of Galerkinís technique that gives a dispersion equation relatively eigen modes propagation constants. Their behavior in a quasi-periodical regime is investigated. Approximate solution for eigen modes is obtained with help of phenomenological coupled waves theory. This solution is compared with electromagnetic solution. Parameters of approximate model are determined.

Keywords: coupled waveguides, theory of coupled waves, waveguide array.