"JOURNAL OF RADIO ELECTRONICS" (Zhurnal Radioelektroniki ISSN 1684-1719, N 11, 2016

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Multilayer coatings with variable electrodynamic characteristics on the basis of filled polymer matrix


V. N. Gorshenev 1, V. V. Kolesov 2, A. S. Fionov 2, N. S. Erichman 1

1 Institute of Biochemical Physics of The Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

2 Kotel'nikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia


The paper is received on November 10, 2016


Abstract. The progress of telecommunications systems, microelectronics and radio electronics requires the development of materials for effectively shielding and absorbing electromagnetic radiation. The use of metal screens is limited because the reflected radiation causes interference and disables a sensitive device. Radar absorbing materials and coatings significantly reduce the radiation which reflected from the metal screens.

The one of approaches to the coordination of wave resistance is the creation of multilayer coatings, in which the wave resistance decreases with passage of radiation into the coating. To solve the problem of optimal choice of parameters of radar absorbing materials was performed the mathematical simulation of the frequency characteristics of reflection coefficients using a model of multilayer coatings. Calculations were performed for various combinations of conductivity and thickness of composite layers on metal and dielectric substrates.

Experimental investigations were made of the samples of composite materials based on polyvinylchloride elastron with dioctylphtalate plasticizer. The filler used is thermally expanded graphite, annealed powder of barium titanate, colloidal graphite powder, amorphous magnetic alloy based on cobalt. We investigated the options of coatings consisted of two layers of the absorbent composite with different mass concentration of thermally expanded graphite and a layer of the underlying dielectric material with ε ≈ 4...10, in which the composition of the filler was varied.

The reflection coefficients in the microwave range confirms the conclusions, made as a result of the experiments, that there is the feasibility of developing and forming of materials with gradient distribution of conductive, dielectric and magnetic fillers in the polymer matrix.

Key words: radar absorbing materials and coatings, the gradient composite materials, electrophysical characteristics, the reflection coefficient.


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