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(zhurnal radioelektroniki)

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Editor-in-chief academician Yu.V. Gulyaev

N 11 - November 2016

Development and test results of hydroacoustic system for studying the bottom of the shelf zone of the Arctic sea.
V. I. Kaevitser, A. P. Krivtsov, V. M. Razmanov, I. V. Smolyaninov, A. V. Elbakidze, E. Yu.  Denisov

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Noise immunity of computer equipment under the influence of electromagnetic interference.
R. M. Gizatullin, Z. M. Gizatullin, M. G. Nuriev

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The problem of optimum signal reception in the synchronous CDMA systems in the presence of non-Gaussian intersystem noise.
V. V. Kadushkin

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Error detection by Reed–Solomon code based on the spectral description.
V. A. Vershinin

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Calculation of return radioaltimeter waveform, reflected from the sea surface.
A. S. Zapevalov

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The estimation of generation range of spin-injection THz generator.

E. A. Vilkov, S. G. Chigarev
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Problems of development of broadband traveling wave tube of millimeter and sub millimeter ranges.
N. A. Bushuev

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Interaction of a pulsed radiation with photonic crystall.

A. Yu. Vetluzsky
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Multilayer coatings with variable electrodynamic characteristics on the basis of filled polymer matrix.
V. N. Gorshenev, V. V. Kolesov, A. S. Fionov, N. S. Erichman

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Conditions of fundamental mode local excitation in the planar open ring resonators.
A. V. Snezhko, V. N. Gubankov, V. V. Pavlovskiy
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The influence of gold nanorods on the activation of liposomal capsules by means of ultrashort electrical pulses.

Yu. V. Gulyaev, V. A. Cherepenin, I. V. Taranov, V. A. Vdovin, V. V. Faykin, V. I. Tyukavin, A. V. Sybachin, A. A. Yaroslavov, V. P. Kim, K. V. Potapenkov, V. P. Kim, G. B. Khomutov

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Method of automated epileptic seizure detection in rats' EEG.

V. E. Antsiperov, Y.V. Obukhov

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Application of wireless coils in fluorine-19 magnetic resonance imaging.
N. V. Anisimov, M. V. Gulyaev, D. V. Volkov, O. S. Pavlova, Y. A. Pirogov

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A method for automatically detection of absence epilepsy discharges in EEG signals.
Yu. V. Obukhov, I. A. Kershner, V. V. Gnezditskiy

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Statistical analysis of the average probability of correct detection for energy-based detection in the presence of multipath fading.
A. S. Gvozdarev, M. A. Gulyaeva

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Miniature parallel micromanipulator.
I. A. Cohn, A. S. Ilin, A. G. Kovalenko
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Ultralow absorption in silicon carbide in the millimeter-wave range.
E. E. Chigryai, B. M. Garin, R. N. Denisyuk, D. S. Kalenov, I. P. Nikitin
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An approach to increase the density of elements of single-phase multi-level inverter.
E. L. Pankratov, E. A. Bulaeva
Abstract.   Full text: pdf (890 kB)


Interoperability problem in defence information systems.
A. A. Kamenschikov, A. Ya. Oleinikov, I. I. Chusov, T. D. Shirobokova

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