"JOURNAL OF RADIO ELECTRONICS" (Zhurnal Radioelektroniki ISSN 1684-1719, N 11, 2016

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Conditions of fundamental mode local excitation in the planar open ring resonators


A. V. Snezhko1,2, V. N. Gubankov1, V. V. Pavlovskiy1

1 Kotelínikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics of RAS

2 Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University)


The paper is received on November 4, 2016


Abstract. Local excitation conditions of fundamental mode in the planar open ring resonators are studied. Electrodynamic system is considered, which consists of planar interconnection structure coupled with microstrip open ring resonator. Similar system was used in previous works on frequency characterization of resonators and antennas by ac Josephson effect in terahertz frequency range. Calculations are performed by time domain finite difference method (TDFD). A real part of electrodynamic structure admittance vs. frequency dependence ReY(f) calculated, which is a key factor in Josephson spectroscopy. It is shown, that interconnection structure by itself has flat ReY(f) dependence in the frequency range of resonator fundamental mode excitation. When interconnection structure interacts with the resonator, itís ReY(f) dependence has a peculiarity, related to fundamental resonance mode excitation. A form of the peculiarity depends on resonator layout. In particular ReY(f) shows local maximum or minimum. Basing on equivalent circuit representation of the resonator, these peculiarity forms can be considered by serial or parallel resonance circuit at frequencies in the vicinity of resonance frequency. These cases correspond to different resonator excitation conditions. Resonator fundamental mode can be excited by electric or magnetic field, which depends on the arrangement of resonator and interconnection structure.

Key words: superconductivity, Josephson junction, terahertz electronics.


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