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Demonstration Of Chromatic Dispersion Compensation Fibre Using Circular Hole PCF with Different Pitch and Diameters


Manan Trivedi, Ravi Godara

Suresh Gyan Vihar University, India


The paper is received July 23, 2013


Abstract. In recent years PCFs made of silica and air hole has provided a new approach for dispersion compensation. For dispersion compensating fibers , large negative dispersion D(ps/km-nm)is required. To maintain the flat and zero dispersion in photonic crystal fiber (PCF) different air hole diameter and different pitches has been introduced. These differences in diameter and pitches gives different dispersion graphs and after comparison  we get that design which has lowest dispersion among them. This paper proposes a new geometry of PCFs which uses ‘Circular’ holes instead of square or elliptical holes which gives large negative dispersion without high doping .

Keywords: circular hole PCF; dispersion compensation ; negative dispersion.