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Detection of fluctuating small-sized targets against fluctuating clutter observations Polarimetric SAR

. N. Detkov1, A. V. Nikonenko1, D. A. Nitsak2

1 Chief Research and Testing Center of Robotics, Russian Defense Ministry

2 VUNTS Air Force "VVA them. N.E. Zhukovsky and U.A. Gagarin ", Voronezh, Russia

The paper is received on September 14, 2014

Abstract. In looking radar systems using automatic target detection, selection fluctuating small-sized targets (FST) on the background clutter is a rather complicated task. We propose a probabilistic model of the radar channel difference vector processing observations polarimetric synthetic aperture radar (PolSAR), which will guarantee to detect fluctuating on polarization featured small-sized target to fluctuating background clutter. It is shown that among all possible FST can extract two specific (singular) purpose maximum visible and most hidden in the clutter, which generally increases the efficiency of detection of small-sized targets.

Keywords: detection of targets, the fluctuating small-sized target, polarimetric SAR.