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Interaction of forward and backward waves in non-linear electromagnetic crystal


S. E. Bankov 1, M. D. Duplenkova2


1 Kotel'nikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics of RAS,

 2 National Research University Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Development Bureau

Received September 6, 2011


Abstarct. Interaction of waves propagating in electromagnetic crystal with non-linear capacitors at the first and second harmonics of the dominant frequency is considered. Regime of spatial synchronism of  forward and backward waves at the first and second harmonics is investigated. Effects of second harmonic generation and parametrical amplification are numerically studied. Results of numerical experiments are presented. Analytical model describing waves interaction in regime of spatial synchronism is developed. Solution in form of eigen mode is studied. Analytical expressions for voltages at non-linear elements are obtained for regimes of second harmonic generation and parametrical amplification.

Keywords: electromagnetic crystal, non-linear electromagnetic crystal, spatial synchronism, backward wave, second harmonic generation, parametrical amplification.