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On a Possibility to Decrease Magnetic Intensity

in Microwave/DC Cyclotron Wave Converter


Vladimir A. Vanke,

Moscow State University


Hiroshi Matsumoto and Naoki Shinohara

Kyoto University, Japan


Received onApril 15, 2002





In connection with successfully developing ideas of Wireless Power Transportation (WPT) there appeared a new problem, namely, the problem of back conversion of high-power microwave energy in the energy of direct current.

The most studied cyclotron wave converter (CWC) is potentially powerful, already tested at different power levels up to 10 kW and rather well known from the previous publications.

However such type of CWC demands magnetic intensity, which corresponds to the cyclotron frequency equal to the frequency of external microwave power source. This requirement usually creates essential technical problems, especially in the short centimetric and millimetric wavebands.

The article discusses another type of CWC, which uses two microwave cavities having uniform and quadruple electric fields in the interaction gaps which makes it possible to reduce magnetic field intensity in two times.