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Editor-in-chief academician Yu.V. Gulyaev

Information for Authors

1. "Journal of Radio Electronics" accepts for publication articles, containing original results or reviews on the most actual problems of radioelectronics. Reviews are invited by ĺđó editorial board. Contents of articles should correspond to journal topics:

2. In the "Student publications" it is expected to publish articles that are results of students’ works - the future bachelors and masters. These articles, as well as others, will be reviewed. Subjects of student articles should correspond to the topics of the journal. Their only feature may be the fact that they are the result of the scientific work of smaller volume than usual publications.

3. Articles submitted should contain the following information:

• title of the article, surname, name and patronymic (in full), authors, names of institutions where the authors work (or where the work have been done) - in Russian and English languages;
• summary and key words - in Russian and English languages;
• e-mail addresses of the authors (or one of them);
• The name of the section in which the article can be placed;
• text of the article in Russian and / or English. If the language of an article is English, it is necessary to translate into Russian:  the name, the surname, the place of work of the authors, abstract and keywords.
• A cover letter with details of the authors should contain information about the organization where the work was performed, and the preferred address for correspondence. This information should be in the text of the message.

4. The abstract should contain a concise and clear statement of goals and main results. The use of formulas and references in the abstract is not recommended.

5. Please do not send articles containing the materials which were published earlier or sent to other journals.

6. The authors are responsible for compliance with the rules of publication in the press.

7. Articles are accepted by e-mail: journal@cplire.ru

 Format MS Word: font Times New Roman 14, a half interval field from the top, bottom, left and right - 2 cm;

When writing formulas it is recommend the use of an editor of formulas rather than symbols, because some characters are incorrectly translated to html format;

In the equation editor it is recommended to select an increased size of characters such as the following:

Full - 14
Subscript / Superscript - 10
Sub-Subscript / Superscript - 8
Sumbol - 20
Sub-Symbol - 15 

8. Drawings and captions should be included in the text. Figures should be inserted into the text as a single object, i.e., all images and details should be grouped. Captions are optional. The list of references is provided at the end of the article in the order mentioned in the text. Articles, books and electronic publications are cited in standard for scientific journals manner. Numbers of references in the text should be included in square brackets. Please follow the rules of reference to electronic resources - see. GOST, p.p .14,15. or use the corresponding ISO standard.

Example of a link to an article in our magazine:

Yu.V. Andreev, E.V.Efremova, V.A. Lazarev. Energy-saving modes of ultrawideband transceivers in sensor networks. // Journal electronics: an electronic journal. 2012. N1. URL: http://jre.cplire.ru/jre/jan12/9/text.pdf

Example of the article can be found here.

9. You can use media files. In this case they are sent separately, and the place should be indicated where media is used in the text.

10. It is preferable to send articles in ZIP archives.

11. The editors reserve the right to limit the volume of the article.

12. All incoming materials will be reviewed by the reviewers corresponding to its category.

13. The reviewers are selected by members of the editorial board. Reviewing is anonymous: the author does not know the names of the reviewer. If the author wants to raise objections or respond to comments from reviewer, he should send the email to the editorial board, which transmits it to the reviewer.

14. Editorial staff sends review or reasoned refusal to the authors, and also undertakes to send copies of reviews in the Ministry of Education and Science on demand.

15. If the article is rejected by the editorial board, this decision is final.

16. All reviewers are acknowledged experts on the subject of reviewed material and have publications on the subject of reviewed articles for recent 3 years.

17. Reviews are stored in the editorial office for 5 years.