"JOURNAL OF RADIO ELECTRONICS" (Zhurnal Radioelektroniki ISSN 1684-1719, N 12, 2016

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Optimal Synthesis of Multimode Waveguide Components

Anton P. Gashturi, Dmitry I. Sobolev, Gregory G. Denisov

Institute of Applied Physics of Russian Academy of Science


The paper is received on November 20, 2016


Abstract. This paper describes realization of metal waveguide component synthesis procedure based on combination of the optimal iterative synthesis principles and the full wave analysis by electric field integral equation (EFIE). The synthesis procedure takes two electromagnetic field distributions (from input to output and backward) per each iteration and operates with tangential magnetic and normal electric fields on the waveguide wall, that are simply expressed in terms of surface current calculated in EFIE solution. The EFIE approach allows one to calculate all components of electromagnetic fields (EFIE is derived directly from Maxwell’s equations) and also it is quite fast relative to other full-wave analysis methods, such as FDTD, for example. For maximum efficiency of this combination of two methods, we use specific surface filters. The paper contents information of physical sense of these filters and some examples of usage. With the approach, different waveguide parts of electron devices can be synthesized with high efficiency. Calculations of two practical units illustrate the developed method: the waveguide mode converter with operating frequency 10 GHz and waveguide radius RW = 30 mm, which transforms TM0,1 mode into TE0,1, and gyrotron launcher with operating frequency 60 GHz and input radius RW = 15.5 mm, which converts TE7,3 mode of the circular waveguide into the inclined Gaussian wavebeam.

Keywords: efficient synthesis method, MLFMA, wave guiding components, electron devices.


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