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(zhurnal radioelektroniki)

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Editor-in-chief academician Yu.V. Gulyaev

N 12 - December 2016

Simulation of the electromagnetic interference in the unshielded twisted pair under external electromagnetic influence.
Z. M. Gizatullin, R. M. Gizatullin, M. S. Shkinderov, M. G. Nuriev, R. I. Salimov
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Radiofrequency multiband tag on surface acoustic waves for anticollision identification systems.
S. G. Suchkov, S. A. Nikitov, A. A. Pilovets, S. V. Komkov, V. A. Nikolaevtsev, A. N. Litvinenko
, D. S. Suchkov
Abstract.   Full text: pdf (731 kB)


Simulation modeling of digital antenna arrays with the method of spatially-correlation for decameter signals processing.
I. M. Oroschuk, A. N. Suchkov, V. A. Zharikov-Gorskiy
Abstract.   Full text: pdf (811 kB)

Method of analysis of characteristics of circular multilayered waveguides based on the model of equivalent radial transmission lines.
Yu. Mitelman, E. Malov

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Implementation of a radar based on orthogonal frequency division multiplexing signals ensemble.
A. A. Rodovich, A. A. Seryakov, P. N.Zakharov, M. A. Polischuk
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Tunneling conductance of short-period superlattices with THz cavities.
I. V. Altukhov, S. E. Dizhur, M. S. Kagan, N. A. Khvalkovskiy, S. K. Paprotskiy,
N. D. Il’inskaya, A. A. Usikova, Yu. M. Zadiranov, A. D. Buravlev, A. P. Vasil’iev, V. M. Ustinov, A. N. Baranov, R. Teissier

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Mechanism of change of power parameters in one-transistor generator caused by the generation of chaos.
S. V. Savel’ev, V. E. Sizov

Abstract.   Full text: pdf (436 kB)

Optimal Synthesis of Multimode Waveguide Components.
Anton P. Gashturi, Dmitry I. Sobolev, Gregory G. Denisov
Abstract.   Full text: pdf (776 kB)


Local excitation of dipole resonance mode in microstrip closed ring resonator of subterahertz frequencies.
A. Snezhko, O. Volkov, V. Gubankov, I. Gundareva, Yu. Divin, V. Pavlovskiy, V. Pokalyakin

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An analysis of the feeding system geometry influence on the frequency and directivity characteristics of an unbalanced Vivaldi antenna.
A. S. Gvozdarev, T. K. Artemova, A. V. Petrov

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Modes of a metal horn with a hyperbolic profile lateral surface.
V. V. Serov, N. O. Strelkov, V. V. Shtykov
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Research of new fluorocarbon emulsion by 19F MRI and 19F NMR spectroscopy in comparison with the drug "Perftoranum®" at strong magnetic field 7 T.
M. V. Gulyaev, A. V. Kuznetsova, L. L. Gervits, Yu. A. Pirogov

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Interoperability and information confrontation in military field.
A. A. Bashlykova, A. Ya. Oleinikov

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