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Research of Dynamic Characteristics in Radio system with Optimal Spatial Structure


S. I. Gusev, Yu. N. Parshin
Ryazan State Radio Engineering University

Received April 25, 2013, after correction - September 3, 2013

Abstract. Increasing of radio-system noise immunity against spatially concentrated interference is achieved by optimizing the spatial processing which is an amplitude-phase forming on the array aperture with selection of the optimal spatial element position. To overcome the difficulties associated with increased optimal coordinate sensitivity to deviations of estimated non-stationary parameters, a regularized algorithm of robust spatial structure ​​is used. A comparative analysis of the spatial processing efficiency in static and dynamic modes is carried out. High convergence speed of adaptive weight vector adjusting in spatially reconfigurable antenna arrays is achieved by pre-processing, which means changing spatial position of antenna array elements.

Keywords: optimization of spatial structure, adaptive signal-processing, preprocessing.