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Application of terahertz spectroscopy for aqueous solutions of biomolecules study.
A. V. Semenova, Yu. S. Guseva, A. N. Panin, V. L. Vaks
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New dual-modal contrast agent for magnetic-resonance imaging.
A. V. Shibaev, L. L. Gervits, O. E. Philippova, M. V. Gulyaev, N. V. Anisimov, Yu. A. Pirogov, A. R. Khokhlov

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Usage of a priori information in dynamical inverse problems of passive acoustic thermometry.
A. A. Anosov

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The problem of solving the Hilbert-Huang transform application for biomedical signal processing based on CEEMDAN method.
V. D. Ompokov, V. V. Boronoyev

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Method of automated epileptic seizure detection in rats' EEG.

V. E. Antsiperov, Y.V. Obukhov

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Application of wireless coils in fluorine-19 magnetic resonance imaging.
N. V. Anisimov, M. V. Gulyaev, D. V. Volkov, O. S. Pavlova, Y. A. Pirogov

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A method for automatically detection of absence epilepsy discharges in EEG signals.
Yu. V. Obukhov, I. A. Kershner, V. V. Gnezditskiy

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Using cluster analysis and logistic regression for the differentiation of lung diseases.
D. Yu. Kozlov
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Research of new fluorocarbon emulsion by 19F MRI and 19F NMR spectroscopy in comparison with the drug "Perftoranum" at strong magnetic field 7 T.
M. V. Gulyaev, A. V. Kuznetsova, L. L. Gervits, Yu. A. Pirogov

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Methods of near-field resonance microwave diagnostics.
K.P.Gaikovich, A.I Smirnov, D.V.Yanin.
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Near-field pulse microwave profiling of subsurface dielectric inhomogeneities.
K.P.Gaikovich, Ye.S. Maksimovitch, M.I. Sumin
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Numerical differentiation of biomedical signals based on wavelet transform.
B. Z. Garmaev, V .V. Boronoev

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Development of non-contact monitoring of human vital parameters.
P. A. Kobrisev, T. S. Tuykin, A. V. Korjenevsky
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A HHT-based time-frequency analysis of arterial blood pressure signals.
V. D. Ompokov, V. V. Boronoyev
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Ray artery pulse signal characteristics using in the cancer and benign lung diseases differential diagnostics problems.

A. A. Desova, A. A. Dorofeyuk, A. M. Anokhin, J. A. Dorofeyuk
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Software development for the multiprocessor architecture of the personal electrical impedance mammograph PEM.
I. K. Lakeev, A. V. Korjenevsky, T. S. Tuikin

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Pneumatic sensor for continuous non-invasive blood pressure measurement.
V. E. Antciperov, G.K. Mansurov

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Development of optical detector of malignant tumors.

I. O. Vasnev, A. V. Korjenevsky, T. S. Tuykin

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Focused antennas applicators for tasks of diagnostic radio thermometry.

Yu. E. Sedelnikov, V. S. Kublanov, O. V. Potapova.

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Improving the quality of medical images.

A. V. Kokoshkin, V. A. Korotkov, K. V. Korotkov, E. P. Novichihin.

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Diagnostic measuring test-bench for the investigation of spectral-luminescent properties of low-toxic photosensitizers based on porphyrins complexes with ytterbium.

V. M. Markushev, V. D. Rumyantseva, I. P. Shilov, A. S. Gorshkov

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Submicron displacement measurement technique using ultrasound of megahertz frequency range.
M. Ph. Pyshnyi, S. V. Pyshnaya

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 Experimental study of near-field resonance microwave diagnostics of biology media.
K. P. Gaikovich , A. G. Galka, A. K. Martusevich , A. I. Smirnov, D. V. Yanin

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 Method of increase in noise immunity of a radiotermography of biological objects by subtraction of currents in receiving contact antennas, taking into account interaction of these currents.
Yu. N. Barabanenkov, K. M. Bograchev

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 Studies of the surface properties of lipid monolayers as models of biological membranes.  
S. V. Titov, V. S. Malinin, A. S. Titov, K. D. Kazarinov

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 Differential measurements in electric field tomography: proof of concept using computer simulation.
A. V. Korjenevsky, Yu. V. Gulyaev, E. V. Korjenevskaya

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 Non-thermal action of ultrashort electric pulses on nanostructured liposomal capsules in aqueous dielectric medium.
Yu. V. Gulyaev, V. A. Cherepenin, I. V. Taranov, V. A. Vdovin, G. B. Khomutov

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 Visualization of the laboratory animals respiratory system using 19F MRI.
O. S. Pavlova, V. N. Semenova, M. V. Gulyaev, L. L. Gervits, Yu. A. Pirogov

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