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(zhurnal radioelektroniki)

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Editor-in-chief academician Yu.V. Gulyaev


No. 12 - December 2022
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  Influence of YBaCuO josephson junction parameters on the characteristics of broadband detection

Matrozova E.A., Masterov D.V., Pavlov S.A., Parafin1 A.E., Revin L.S.

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  Generation of ultrawideband microwave signals with laser diode self-heterodyning in Michelson interferometer

Mikitchuk K., Lebedev A., Chizh A.

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  Generalization of the theory of a new method of modulation and demodulation of a random signal

Veshkurtsev Yu.M.

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  Noise immunity of coherent reception M-PSK signals with a rectangular envelope in a hydroacoustic communication channel

Denisov V.E.

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  Refraction influence to estimation of target elevation in airborne radar

Kireev S.N.

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  Broadband reflectometric method for the measuring of soil surface moisture and roughness

Muzalevskiy K.V.

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  On the time dependence of a narrow-band signal in a dispersive medium far from the emission point

Bukhman N.S., Kulikova A.V.

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  Peculiarities of charge transfer under cold field emission from carbon nanotubes cathodes

Kosakovskaya Z.Ya., von Gratowski S.V., Koledov V.V., Shavrov V.G., Smolovich A.M., Orlov A.P., Jun-Ge Liang

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  An application of THz gas high resolution spectroscopy method for investigation of thermal decomposition products of biological liquid (urine) of rats with dysbacteriosis

Vaks V.L., Domracheva E.G., Chernyaeva M.B., Anfertev V.A., Zhukova E.S., Khramov R.N., Gapeyev A.B., Shcherbatyuk T.G.

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  A pulsed Fourier spectroscopy for analytical applications

Vaks V.L.

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  Applicaton of the basis correction method to remove uncertainty in the synthesis of an inverse filter

Khafizov R.G., Grigorievykh E.A., Pahmutova E.S., Sokolova M.S., Maslikov A.M.

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  The implementation of the generation unit for chaotic signals based on the dynamic Lorentz system on a field programmable gate array

Ostapenkov P.S., Solovev E.D., Selin D.S., Kazakov E.A.

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  Numerical analysis of molecular gas dynamics under pulsed laser ablation

Frolova A.A.

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  Calibration of the interferometric side scan sonar based on the survey data on a section of the seabed with a known relief

Kaevitser V.I., Krivtsov A.P., Smolyaninov I.V., Elbakidze A.V.

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