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N 11 - November 2020
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  Estimation of signal reception probability characteristics using models of fading transionosphere channels.
Nazarov L.E., Smirnov V.M.

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  Results of inverse synthesis of two-dimensional radar images of objects with autofocusing in wide sectors of angles.
Moryakov S.I., Nesterov S.M., Skorodumov I.A.

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  Influence of powerful electromagnetic pulses on the operation of typical integrated microcontrollers.
Vdovin V.A., Geraskin A.A., Gorbokonenko P.A., Sapetskiy S.A., Cherepenin V.A.

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  About wireless synchronization of a GPR receiver and transmitter when plotting a hodograph.
Gulevich O.A., Volkomirskaya L.B., Reznikov A.E.

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  Evaluation of the influence of solid-phase connection technology on the heat dissipation ability of the SWS and the reliability of the TWT in the centimeter range.
Volosova A.A., Almaev I.A., Danilov A.B., Miroshnichenko A.Yu.
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  Simulation of microwave dielectric resonator by  plane electromagnetic wave.
Alexeychik L.V., Kurushin A.A.
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  Modern devices, antennas and reflectors with nonreciprocal properties (review).
 Sychev A.N., Malyutin N.D.
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  Derivation of expressions of Faraday vectors excited by given sources in spherical coordinates from field expansion by TE- and TM-waves.
Lavretski E.I.
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  Modeling of pulsating blood flows for problems of optical coherent tomography in ophthalmology.
Frolov S.V., Potlov A.Yu., Proskurin S.G., Frolova T.A.
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  Photophysical properties of ytterbium porphyrins complexes for magneto-luminescent theranostics of tumors.
Markushev V.M, Rumyantseva V.D., Shilov I.P., Gorshkova A.S.
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  Method for automatic modulation classification of spectral-effective radio signals based on the classification of radio signals patterns in the parameter space of phase diagram by the criterion of the minimum Euclidean distance.
Kadukov E.P., Utimisheva I.K.
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  New machine learning based method for identifying objects in biomedical images obtained by photon counting detectors.
Antsiperov  V.E.
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  Adaptive algorithm for detection and monitoring of atmospheric rivers.
Savchenko E.V., Maklakov S.M.
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