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(zhurnal radioelektroniki)

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N 12 - December 2019

  Estimation of interference effects on pilot subcarriers of OFDM-signal of the IEEE 802.11n.

Titov K.D., Zavalishina O.N.
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  Detection of coherent sequence of rectangular shape ultra-wideband quasi-radio signal.

Korchagin Y.E., Titov K.D., Zavalishina O.N.
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  An experimental evaluation of the wideband radar measuring set sensitivity.

Oleinik V.M., Skokov P.N.
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  Numerical-analytical model of backscattering coefficient of pure lake ice in C-band.

Muzalevskiy K.V., Yeltsov I.N., Faguet A.N., Tsibizov L.V., Ayunov D.E.
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  On some possibilities of the method of electromagnetic pulsed ultra-wideband sounding in engineering - geological surveys in tunnels.

Boltintsev V.B., Ilyakhin V.N., Cheremisin A.A., Bezrodny K.P.
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  Nonlinear dynamics of multimode gyrotron under the influence of external quasi-monochromatic signal.

Bakunin V.L., Denisov G.G., Novozhilova Yu.V.
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  Optimization of structure and output parameters of a power broad-band two-barrel klistron for deep space communication systems.

Tsarev V.A., Nesterov D.A.
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  Electrophysical properties of room-temperature ruthenium micro- and nano-bolometers.

Ilin A.S., Cohn I.A., Sobolev A.S., Kovalenko A.G.
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  Thermomechanical properties of microwires from Ni49.9Ti50.1 alloy made of rods processed by warm forging and a combination of ECAP and warm forging.

Kalashnikov V.S., Andreev V.A., Koledov V.V., Gunderov D.V., Shavrov V.G., Kuchin D.V., Petrov A.V., Bybik M.S., Nesolenov A.V.
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  Methods for estimating the influence of basic factors and errors on the electromagnetic radiation measurement from printed circuit board in the near field.

Skvortsov I.V., Latypov R.R., Sherstyukov O.N.
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  Microwave noise-like generation in an array of microstrip active integrated antennas.

Radchenko D.E., Kalinin V.I., Kotov V.D., Lyubchenko V.E., Marechek S.V., Telegin S.A., Yunevich E.O.
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  Designing LED modules.

Kurushin A.A.
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  Two-mirror antenna with the feeder in the form of broadband array antenna with controlled polarization of the radiation field.

Golovin V.V., Tyschuk Yu.N.
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  Regularities of bistatic scattering from metal triangle.

Lebedev A.M., Obukhov M.I., Selin I.A., Furmanova T.A
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  Simulation modeling of photovoltaic arrays.
Blank A.V., Bogdanov S. D., Suhareva N.A.,  Untila G.G.
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  Interoperability problem in net-central management systems.
Kozlov S.V., Makarenko S.I., Oleinikov A.Ya., Rastyagaev D.V., T. E. Chernitskaya T.E.
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