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N 12 - December 2020
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  Method for estimating the frequency-time parameters of signals in the system of simultaneously and independently functioning generators.
Gabriel'yan D.D., Lazarenko S.V., Kulbikayan B.Kh., Safaryan O.A., Sakharov I.A.

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  Mitigation of narrowband stationary interference in the telemetry complex based on an autocompensator with remote channels.
Semenov V.Yu., Korotyshev A.V.

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  Detection of ultra-wideband quasi-radio signals against linear frequency modulation interference.
Korchagin Y.E., Titov K.D., Makarov A.A., Zavalishina O.N.

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  Efficiency of application of error-correcting coding in digital information transmission systems with wideband signals.
Paramonov A.A.  Hoang Van Zung.

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  Measuring the moisture content of the sown wheat soil using a radio pulse at a frequency of 630 MHz.
Muzalevskiy K.V.

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  Scale experimental measurement of impulse response UWB emitters.
Bobreshov A.M., Neskorodov S.E., Smuseva K.V., Uskov G.K., Anokhin N.Yu.

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  Investigation of the electron-wave interaction process in the two-gap photonic crystal cavities of a low-voltage two barrel x-band multi-beam klystron.
Tsarev V.A., Livchina A.V.
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  Nonlinear processes in the bunched electron beams of high-power klystrons and the limits of analytical and one-dimensional numerical models applicability for their analysis.
Rodyakin V.E., Pikunov V.M., Aksenov V.N.
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  Generation of ultra-powerful microwave pulses in stretcher-amplifier-compressor systems.
Yurovskiy L.A., Zotova I.V., Abubakirov E.B., Rozental R.M., Sergeev A,S., Ginzburg N.S.
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  Limitation of the frequency dispersion of electromagnetic radiation produced by fluxons.
Zhumaev M.R., Sharipov M.Z., Koledov V.V., Shavrov V.G.
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  Fundamentals of the mechanical assembling “bottom-up” of individual nanoobjects and nanodevices for the investgations of the quantum non-local phenomena, nanoelectronics and biomedical diagnostics.
Koledov V.V., Shavrov V.G., von Gratovsky S.V., Lega P.V., Ilyin A.S., Orlov A.P., Frolov A.V., Prokunin A.V., Bybik M.S., Cotta M.A., Irzhak A.V., Nath D.N., Ghosh A., Kumar P., Coleman C., Bhattacharyya S., Zeng Z.
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  Block principle of constructing and estimating the rcs reduction of nonabsorbing broadband 2 bit anisotropic digital meta-coatings.
Semenikhin A.I., Semenikhina D.V., Yukhanov Y.V., Blagovisnyy P.V.
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  Excitation of anisotropic impedance metasurface in the form of elliptical cylinder.
Semenikhin A.I., Semenikhina D.V.
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  A low profile dual-polarized tightly coupled dipole array of C-X-band.
Semenikhin A.I., Semenikhina D.V., Yukhanov Y.V.
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  Determination of the electrophysical parameters of metallic photonic crystals in the microwave and optical bands.
Vetluzhsky A.Yu.
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  Magnetite nanoparticles as promising structures for magneto-luminescent theranostics of tumors.
Gorshkova A.S., Ivanov A.V., Shilov I.P., Rumyantseva V.D.
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  Measuring errors of parameters of size, shape and color during automated screening of skin pigmented neoplasms.
Kudrin K.G., Rimskaya E.N., Pavlyukova O.Yu., Davydov D.V., Reshetov I.V.
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  Time correlation techniques for subsample time delay estimation of complex signals based on polynomial interpolation.
Guschina O.A., Shevgunov T.Ya.
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  Analysis of the sensitivity of the information-computing system of an UAV to the accuracy of the meters when it is aimed at a ground target using a SAR in the forward-looking mode.
Detkov A.N.

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  Algorithm for recovery of electromagnetic radiation sources from a printed circuit board in the near zone.
Skvortsov I.V., Latypov R.R.
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  Research of thermal electric processes in power modules.
Smirnov V.I., Sergeev V.A., Gavrikov A.A., Kulikov A.A.
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