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(zhurnal radioelektroniki)

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Editor-in-chief academician Yu.V. Gulyaev

N 7 - July 2017

Broadband matching of shorted antennas.

B. V. Chernyshev
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Coherent transmission of digital information with M-ary modulation of chaotic signal.

T. I. Mokhhseni, A. M. Kikot.
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Influence of long wave slopes on the interaction of radio waves with the sea surface.

A. S. Zapevalov
Abstract.   Full text: pdf

Pulsed 6 MW BAC multiple-beam klystron.

R. V. Egorov, I. A. Guzilov, O. Y. Maslennikov
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The density of current flowing through a contact of the rod - film magnetic junction of spin-injection generator.

E. À. Vilkov, S. Chigarev
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The non-stationary delay of magnetoelastic vibrations excitation in regime of frequency multiplication. Part 1. Dynamical potential.
A. P. Ivanov, V. G. Shavrov, V. I. Shcheglov
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Measuring complex for determination electromagnetic characteristics of materials by resonator method using scalar chain analyzers.

O. A. D’yakonova, Yu. N. Kazantsev D. S. Kalenov
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Ray artery pulse signal characteristics using in the cancer and benign lung diseases differential diagnostics problems.

A. A. Desova, A. A. Dorofeyuk, A. M. Anokhin, J. A. Dorofeyuk
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Studying the dependence of radar remote sensing data processing results from processing parameters. Part 4. Main directions of the persistent scatterers technique evolution; key features of the SQUEESAR and STAMPS techniques.
A. A. Feoktistov, A. I. Zakharov, P. V. Denisov, M. A. Gusev
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A signal processing method, algorithm of the operation and structure of the measurer of the angular coordinates with cubic direction-finding characteristic of digital monopulse radar.

A. L. Dzhioyev, I. S. Omelchuk, G. L. Fominchenko, V. V. Yakovlenko
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Managing the processes of creating an early-warning radar stations functional block structure.

S. F. Boev, A. S. Logovsky
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The analysis of distribution density of radars types over the radio spectrum.

A. S. Podstrigaev, A. V. Smolyakov, M. G. Slobodyan
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