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N 6 - June 2019

  Probabilistic estimation of radar signal detection by digital antenna array with spatial correlation method of signal processing.
I. M. Oroshchuk, A. N. Suchkov, S. L. Melnik, M. V. Soloviev
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  Spatial-temporal processing of signals in radar and electronic suppression: limitation of possibilities.
Yu. N. Gorbunov, G. L. Akopyan
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  The effect of long wind waves on reflection electromagnetic radiation from the sea surface.
A. S. Zapevalov
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  Polarization components of microwave scattering by some models of vegetation elements.
A. A. Afonin, V. A. Timofeev
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 3D modelling of gain processes in multibeam klystrons.
 R. V. Egorov, V. L. Savvin

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 Computer code for numerical analysis of klystron type vacuum electronic devices.
V. Y. Rodyakin, V. M. Pikunov, V. N. Aksenov

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 Designing a slow-wave system for TWT Ku-band with a frequency band 16.5% and a gain of at least 30 dB.
S. V. Zharihin, V. I. Panitskov, T. I. Polyanskaya

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 Transformation of the surface layers of GaAs under the influence of electromagnetic radiation of millimeter range.
T. A. Bryantseva D. V. Lioubtchenko, I. A. Markov, Yu. A. Ten

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  Increasing detection efficiency of border mental disorders based on adaptive decomposition and cepstral analysis of speech signals.
A. A. Alimuradov, A. Yu. Tychkov, P .P. Churakov, A. P. Zaretskiy, I. B. Prokhorov, K. S. Mityagin
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 Hypothesis principles for the conditions of the rhythmic cardiac chamber activity within the framework of certain mathematical models.
A. P. Chernyaev

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 Wireless monitoring for biological signals by cardio vascular system of patient.
A. S. Baghdasaryan, S. A. Baghdasaryan, V. I., Nikolaev, O. V. Kashchenko, S. O. Nikolaeva, E. R. Pavlyukova

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  Effective detection of strong maneuvers of object in noisy measurements conditions.
I. A. Kalinov, R. T. Agishev
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 Study of the hydrodynamic traffic transmission model in the simulation environment.
V. M. Antonova, A. D. Rebrova

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 Analysis of the noise immunity of computer equipment under exposure to the lightning discharge on the lighting protection of a building on the basis of physical modeling.
M. G. Nuriev, R. M. Gizatullin, V. A. Drozdikov, E. I. Pavlova

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 X-radiation under pulse laser impact on opal matrix.
. F. Belyanin, A. S. Bagdasaryan, S. A. Bagdasaryan, V. V. Borisov, E. R. Pavlyukova
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