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N 9 - September 2020
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  Direct method for estimating the distance traveled by a signal along the path with frequency dispersion.
Kalshchikov A.A., Shtykov V.V., Shalimova E.V.
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  Method for detecting aerodynamic targets in conditions of low energy availability of radar signals of a co-operated space-based lighting source.
Ashurkov I.S., Zakharov I.N., Zhitkov S.A., Leshko N.A., Tsybulnik A.N.
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  Comprehensive assessment of immunity indicators of modern and perspective information transmission and communication systems.
Philatov V.I., Suhov A.V., Zaitsev M.A., Genov A.A.
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  Method for inverse synthesis of two-dimensional radar images based on integration over one-dimensional projections.
Moryakov S.I., Nesterov S.M., Skorodumov I.A.
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  About scanning depth in georadiolocation considering the phenomenon of interference.
Gulevich O.A.
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  Influence of turbulence in the tropospheric channel on the capacity of satellite communication systems in the Arctic.
Andrianov M.N., Korbakov D.A., Pozhidaev V.N.
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  Research of the characteristics of spherical axisymmetric phased antenna arrays taking into account the interaction of slit radiators.
Indenbom M.V.
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  Scattering of a magnetoelastic wave by a cavity in a ferromagnet with a rotating ferromagnetic cylinder.

Maryshev S.N., Moiseev A.V., Vilkov E.A.
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  Miniaturization of the 4x4 Butler matrix.

Luu Quang Hung
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  Spectral-optical studies of the photoactivity of the ytterbium complex 2,4-di(α-methoxyethyl)deuteroporphyrin IX a promising substance for NIR luminescence diagnostics of cancer.
Shilov I.P., Ivanov A.V.
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  Spectral properties study of Bi porphyrins complexes for biophotonics and immune therapy.

Gorshkova A.S., Rumyantseva V.D., Shilov I.P.
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  Method for increasing the stability of estimates of the pulse characteristic of a linear system based on singular complement of the reference signals matrix.

Abramenkov V.V., Mitrofanov D.G., Zchbanov I.L., Semchenkov S.M.
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  Optimization of the trajectory of radar-satellite guidance of an UAV to a ground target.
Detkov A.N.
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  Electromagnetic interference modeling for AMCS based on frequency analysis of electrostatic discharge.
Shkinderov M.S., Nazarov R.M.
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  Modal decomposition of the ultrashort pulse in 8-conductor reflection symmetric structures.
Chernikova E.B., Gazizov T.R.
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