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N 8 - August 2020
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  The electronic environment model for space radio monitoring.
Kalmichkov I.E., Rakhmatulin A.M., Tustin M.M.
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  Possible satellite communication links in the Arctic.
Andrianov M.N., Korbakov D.A., Pozhidaev V.N.
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  Ultra-wideband impulse sensing of the layered structure of the snow-soil cover. Theoretical research.
Muzalevskiy K.V.
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  Ultra-wideband impulse sensing of the layered structure of the snow-soil cover. Experimental research.
Muzalevskiy K.V., Fomin S.V.
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  Maximum permissible parameters of an electromagnetic field pulse with a linearly increasing amplitude in the superface antenna of a high power microwave generator.
Volkov A.A.
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  Excitation of spin-wave resonance in thin magnetic films in the absence of surface anisotropy.
Shcheglov V.I.
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  Ferromagnetic resonance technique for STT-MRAM material qualification.
Mikhailov A.P., Belanovsky A.D., Dmitriev N.Y.,  Gilmanov M.I., Semeno A.V., Samarin A.N., Trofimov A.V., Khvalkovsky A.V.
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  Forced vibrations in the system of two connected oscillators in conditions of cubic nonlinearity and quadratic connection.
Ivanov A.P. Shavrov V.G., Shcheglov V.I.
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  Full-wave and impedance models of ultra wideband thin twist-metapolarizers for cloacking coverings.
Blagovisnyy P.V., Semenikhin A.I.
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  Near-field pulse microwave sounding of dynamics of subsurface structure of human living tissues at pulmonary and cardiovascular activity.
Bokeria L.A., Kakuchaya T.T., Maksimovitch Ye.S., Badeev V.A., Gaikovich K.P.
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  Static model of power silicon MOSFET.
Biryukov V.N., Haritonova V.R., Portnykh D.A.
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  Q-parametric positional parameters of the collimated wave beam at the atmospheric path output.

Blank A.V., Suhareva N.A., Tsyganov M.V.
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  Estimation of spectral similarity of digital images.

Kokoshkin A.V.
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  Increasing the noise immunity of the access monitoring and control system when exposed to electrostatic discharge.

Safina R.M., Shkinderov M.S.
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