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(zhurnal radioelektroniki)

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Editor-in-chief academician Yu.V. Gulyaev

N 10 - October 2017

The transmission of binary messages by overlapping signals.
V. A. Vershinin
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Radiofrequency tags based on surface acoustic waves in 2.4‑2.483 GHz frequency band for anti-collision identification.
S. G. Suchkov, S. A. Nikitov, S. S. Yankin, A. A. Pilovets, S. V. Komkov, I. A. Shatrova, V. A. Nikolaevtsev
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Surface impedance of anisotropic environment over hydrocarbon deposits in the regime of radio-pulse signals.
V. F. Yanushkevich
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Accounting for surfaces irregularities in the analysis of multipath propagation of radio waves indoor.
A. I. Panychev, A. V. Maksimov, A .A. Vaganova
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Earth surface distribution of a low frequency field strength generated in a disturbed region of the low ionosphere.
A. V. Moshkov, V. N. Pozhidaev
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About possibilities of increasing the output power of BAC klystrons.
R. V. Egorov, I. A. Guzilov, O. Y. Maslennikov, V. L. Savvin

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The method of reducing the size of a microstrip branch-line coupler.
D. A. Letavin
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SERS effect enhancement by surface wave in photonic crystal.
I. A. Boginskaya, R. A. Sirazov, I. A. Nechepurenko, A. V. Dorofeenko, I. V. Bykov, K. N. Afanasyev, M. V. Sedova, I. A. Ryzhikov, A. P. Vinogradov, A. V. Eremenko, I. A. Budashov, I. N. Kurochkin
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Superconducting hot-electron bolometer mixed for the mid-IR.
Ivan Pentin, Matvey Finkel, Sergey Maslennikov, Yuri Vakhtomin, Konstantin Smirnov, Nataliya Kaurova, Gregory Goltsman.
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2D single–focus frequency scanning arrays focused in the Fesnel zone.

S. E. Bankov
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The technique of restricting the accumulation of static electricity charges on the operator when servicing automated process control systems.
P. S. Glazunov, S. S. Zhulikov, Isam M. A. Abdelshafi
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Optical Inter-Satellite Link in Comparison with RF case in CubeSat system.
Zlata Gibalina, Vladimir Fadeev
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Evaluation of LED durability to the effect of a periodic sequence of microwave pulses in the framework of the thermoelectric model.
A. M. Hodakov, V. A. Sergeev
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Modification of the CLAHE method to compensate the influence of hydrometeors.
V. A. Korotkov, K. V. Korotkov, E. P. Novichihin
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