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Distribution model of the microwave field in the gridless cavity gap.
A. Yu. Baikov  O. A. Baikova,  O. A. Perevozchikova

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On electron beam grouping in non-uniform magnetic fields.
D. A. Mikheev, V. L. Savvin

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The simulation of current-voltage characteristics of 4H-SiC Shottky diode.
P. V. Panchenko, A. A. Malakhanov, S. B. Rybalka, A. V. Rad'kov

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Problems of development of broadband traveling wave tube of millimeter and sub millimeter ranges.
N. A. Bushuev

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Generation of powerful pulses in terahertz and infrared bands during interaction of multi-terawatt laser fields with limited size targets.
Victor V. Kulagin, Vladimir N. Kornienko, Vladimir A. Cherepenin, D. N. Gupta

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Picosecond-light-pulse energy oscillations as demonstration of synchronization of local deviations, created by the pulses, from quasi-equilibrium electron distribution in GaAs.
N.N.Ageeva, I.L.Bronevoi, D.N.Zabegaev, A.N.Krivonosov
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Sub-THz self-modulation of picosecond probing light pulse absorption in GaAs related to intrinsic picosecond stimulated emission of GaAs.
N. N. Ageeva, I. L. Bronevoi, D. N. Zabegaev, A. N. Krivonosov

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About possibilities of increasing the output power of BAC klystrons.
R. V. Egorov, I. A. Guzilov, O. Y. Maslennikov, V. L. Savvin

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3D simulations of a Ka-band gyro-TWT with power up to 10 kW from the cathode to the end of interaction space.

S. V. Samsonov, G. G. Denisov, S. V. Mishakin
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Modern electron sources for TWTs in millimeter and submillimeter ranges.
T. M. Krachkovskaya, G. V. Sahadji, S. D. Zhuravlev

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Secondary-emission cathode with water cooling.
A. A. Tishchenko, A. S. Myasnikov, O. D. Tishchenko, A. J. Zorkin

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On the possibility of design of klystrons with 3D grouping of electron beam.
D. A. Mikheev, V. L. Savvin, R. V. Egorov, K. T. C. Wu

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Dynamics of sheet electron beam in cyclotron wave converter.
D. A. Mikheev, V. L. Savvin, R. V. Egorov, K. T. C. Wu

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Investigation of a system of two slotted resonators of a miniature multi-beam klystron in tuning mode for multiple resonant frequencies.

I. O. Chigurov, V. A. Tsarev, A. V. Livchina

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Computer simulation and experimental study of output stage, miniature multi-beam klystron with the associated cavities.

M. A. Manjosin,  I. O. Chigurov, V. A. Tsarev
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Influence of current carrier recombination kinetics on nonlinear distortions coefficient of amplitude modulator based on photoresistant optron.

B. N. Denisov, Ya. A. Zazulin, A. N. Shelkunov, D. V. Pyanzin
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About possibilities of applying two BAC oscillations in klystron with higher efficiency.

R. V. Egorov, I. A. Guzilov, O. Y. Maslennikov, V. L. Savvin

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