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(zhurnal radioelektroniki)

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Editor-in-chief academician Yu.V. Gulyaev


N 11 - November 2019

  Attenuation factor calculation for backscattering from the terrain using the parabolic equation technique.

Akhiyarov V.V.
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  Registration and authentication of non-stationary fields of USP signals of radio-vision of subnanosecond resolution.

Kulikov G.V., Kostin M.S.
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  Obtaining radar characteristics of objects via movable wideband radar measuring set.

Gromov A.N., Zolotarev V.A., Oleinik V.M., Skokov P.N.
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  Numerical analysis of phase distribution in quiet zone of a compact range with laterally defocused feed.

Zubov A.S., Nikitenko A.V.
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  Field of the earth wave over long inhomogeneous radio paths.

Dembelov M.G., Bashkuev Yu.B., Melchinov V.P.
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  Radio wave control of parameters of samples of multi-layer radome walls.

Baskov K.M., Politiko A.A., Semenenko V.N., Chistyaev V.A., Akimov DI., Krasnolobov I.I.
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  Temperature dependence of the backscattering coefficient measured by ALOS PALSAR during cooling and heating of tundra topsoil.

Muzalevskiy K.V.
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  Enhancement of conduction electron reflection specularity in gold films coated with Langmuir-Blodgett nanolayers.

Galchenkov L.A., Pyataikin I.I.
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  AlN Nanostructured Piezoelectric Films obtained by Reactive RF Magnetron Sputtering.

Belyanin A.F., Bagdassaryan A.S., Nalimov S.A., Pavlyukova E.R.
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  The influence of exchange interaction and dynamic demagnetizing field on dispersion properties of Damon-Eshbach surface wave. Part 3. Special cases of dispersion.

Shcheglov V.I.
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  Experimental setup for measuring electromagnetic radiation from a radiating structure in the near field.
Skvortsov I.V., Latypov R.R., Sherstyukov O.N., Babaev R.F.

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  Efficiency Calculation of Reflector Antennas and Beam-Waveguides Considering Random Surface Errors and BWG Shroud Using the Riemann-Silberstein Vectors.
Belkovich I.V.

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  Numerical modeling of the influence of electromagnetic pulses on the operation of typical electronic self-oscillating systems.

Glazunov P.S., Vorobyeva E.A., Vdovin V.A., Slepkov A.I.
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  Phase portraits of spatial moments of a collimated wave beam in controlled and free modes.

Blank A.V., Suhareva N.A.
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  Algorithms of signal processing in radar angular coordinate detector-meters with scanning multi-channel antenna system.

Kozlov S.V., Vu Thanh Ha
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  Adaptive algorithms for measuring low-frequency noise parameters of semiconductor devices.

Sergeev V.A., Rezchikoff S.E.
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  An approach to ensuring interoperability in a high-performance environment by the example of e-science.

Bashlykova A.A., Kamenshchikov A.A., Oleynikov A.Ya., Shirobokova T.D.
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  Distribution commutation of photovoltaic arrays for tasks of wireless optical energy.

Blank A.V., Bogdanov S. D., Suhareva N.A.,  Eydelman B. L.
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  Modeling the connection of network streams with different priority.

Antonova V.M., Rebrova A.D.
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  Using deep neural network training for the  recognition of user voice commands.

Romanyuk A.G., Smirnov A.N, Antonova V.M.
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