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N 5 - May 2020
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  Symmetry implementation in the problem of identification-estimation of the parameters of motion of a maneuvering target.

Bulychev Yu.G., Eliseev A.V., Materschev A.V., Seleznev I.S.
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  Approach to the recognition of the «time stamp» structural element of a protocol unit with multiplexing of voice data of subscribers of satellite communication systems.

Nikitin G.V., Shishkalov A.V., Sazonov K.V., Saniev R.R.
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  Synthesis and analysis of radio wave systems for time-scale transformation of non-stationary fields of signal radio vision of subnanosecond resolution.

Kulikov G.V., Kostin M.S., Petlenko D.B., Yarlykov A.D.
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  Algorithms for decoding error-correction block turbo-codes based on Euclidean geometry low-density parity-check codes.

Nazarov L.E., Nazarova Z.T.
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  Generalized method for statistical estimation of frequency of simultaneously and independently functioning generators.

Gabriel’an D.D.,Safaryan O.A.
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  On the power-carrying capacity of an autonomous shaper of pulsed electromagnetic field based on a high-power microwave generator.

Volkov A.A.
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  Spacecraft identification method.

Polyakov A.L., Afonin I.L., Tyschuk Y.N., Polyakov D.A.
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  Numerical simulation of measurements of an on-board low-frequency transmitter wave fields strength in the Ionosphere using a sub-satellite receiver.
Moshkov A.V.

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  Dependences of the characteristics of sea surface slopes on the spatial ranges of the waves creating them.
Zapevalov A.S., Shumeyko I.P., Abramovich A.Yu.
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  Wide band wave transitions in the E-plane.
Kaloshin V.A., Nguyen K.T.
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  On the possibility of using electrical impedance computed tomography to diagnose lung damage with COVID-19 virus.

Gulyaev Yu.V., Korjenevsky A.V., Cherepenin V.A.
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  Use of a pneumatic sensor in the problem of continuous non-invasive monitoring of blood pressure and pulse wave.

Mansurov G.K., Danilychev M.V., Antsiperov V.E., Bugaev A.S.
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  Iterative reconstruction algorithm of full channel matrix in communication systems using combined analog-digital beamforming scheme.

Kuptsov V.V., Shmonin O.A., Trushkov S.N., Mikhailova A.S.
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