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N 10 - October 2016

The designing an optimal filter of a useful signal in a bispectral domain by the criteria of the least mean absolute third error.
A. E. Manokhin, A.A. Zarodov

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An experimental estimation of resolution efficiency for group objects with the use of the method of singular expansion and regularization of inverse operator of the active location system.
S. A. Klimov, M. A. Sviridov

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A method of cancellation of disturbances based on vector-matrix transformation.
A. E. Manokhin

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Automatic autocollimation adjustment and elements' efficiency control of the RATAN-600 radio telescope.
V. B. Khaikin, N. N. Bursov

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Determining the attenuation function of the Earth’s wave field for reception on different heights of the aircraft flight.
M. G. Dembelov, Yu. B. Bashkuev, V. P. Melchinov

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Investigation of the change of electrophysical characteristics of LEDs based on AlGaInP heterostructures (λ=624 nm) with multiple quantum wells exposed by fast neutrons.

K. N. Orlova, A. V. Gradoboev, A. V. Simonova
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Experimental researches of the levels of induced signals in a current-carrying line.
A. N. Katrusha

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Automated measuring system based on the set of scalar network analyzers.
O. A. Dyakonova, D. S. Kalenov, Yu. N. Kazantsev

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Generation and filtering of microwave radiation in the antenna-oscillator with substrate integrated waveguide.
V. E. Lyubchenko
, E. O. Yunevich, V. I. Kalinin, V. D. Kotov, D. E. Radchenko, S. A. Telegin

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Improved algorithm of frequency estimation based on the iterative calculation of the autocorrelation sequence.
V. G. Volkov , U. N. Krivov, I. V. Lukyanov

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The model of time domain reflectometry method for power lines with branched topology.
R. I. Shagiev

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Studies on superresolution image sensor.
A. Y. Grishentcev, A. G. Korobeinikov, I. B. Bondarenko

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