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(zhurnal radioelektroniki)

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Editor-in-chief academician Yu.V. Gulyaev


No. 11 - November 2022
(Russian page)

  Experimental setup for shielding effectiveness measurements of small-sized enclosures

Ivanov A.A., Komnatnov M.E.

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  Detection and tracking of objects based on saliency map for UA

Fedosov V.P., Ibadov R.R., Ibadov S.R.

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  Design of phased array antennas microwave photonic beamforming schemes in microwave CAD AWR DE

Golovin V.V., Tyschuk Y.N., Belkin M.E., Tkachenko M.O.

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  The automatic digital adjustment system of a receiver local oscillatorís frequency analysis to a magnetron pulsed transmitterís carrier

Chukhlomin I.E., Trubnikov A.V., Lashkevich G.Y.

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  Focusing of the radiation of wireless data transmission networks at given points of space

Iuzvik D.A., Stepanov M.A.

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  Dependence of the reflective properties of agricultural soils in ultra-wide frequency band on the type, surface roughness and moisture profiles of agrosoils

Muzalevskiy K.V., Fomin S.V., Karavayskiy A.Yu.

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  Simulation of the impact of the cell interference on the THz gas absorption spectrum meashured by nonstationar spectroscopy methods

Semenova A.V., Yablokov A.A., Anfertev V.A., Knyazeva T.D.

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  Acceleration, braking and recovery of movement energy of magnetic levitation transport

Karpukhin D.A., Petrov A.O., Koledov V.V., Bugaev A.S., Suslov D.A., Shavrov V.G., et. al.

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  Investigation of the efficiency of focused radiation formation with errors of determining media parameters

Sedelnikov Yu.E., Potapova O.V.

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  —ylindrical anisotropic metasurfaces with Pancharatnam-Berry phase bigradient helical coding and anomalous scattering

Semenikhin A.I., Semenikhina D.V.

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  Study of the metabolites composition for tissues of the ear-nose-throat organs by high resolution THz spectroscopy

Vaks V.L., Anfertev V.A., Domracheva E.G., Chernyaeva M.B., Ayzenshtadt A.A., Glushkova K.A., Rodionov M.A.

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  Simulation of broadband noise interference in adaptive spatial filtering systems of radio signals

Lishak M.Y.

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  Application of queuing theory to the estimation of the feature space for radar sources in machine learning

Kvasnov A.V.

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  The problem of detecting abnormal waves on water by navigation radar 1. The models of abnormal waves

Permyakov V.A., Baskakov A.I., Permiakov S.V., Firsov N.A.

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  Measurement of the effective scattering surface of a local objects by subsurface sounding radar

Shoshin E.L.

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  Heuristic and applied potential of combining microwave humidity-temperature sensing of soil and photographing in facially differentiated agricultural systems

Novichikhin E.P., Khokhlov N.F., Bolotov A.G., Sidorov I.A., Gudkov A.G., Porokhov I.O., Chizhikov S.V.

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  Operational detection and monitoring of the MCC

Savorskiy V.P., Panova O.Yu.

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  Design of an ultrasonic transceiver for downhole telemetry

Stukach O.V., Ershov I.A., Bykov S.V., Gladyshev S.A.

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  Formation of a necklace type microstructure by the forging of the Heusler Ni-Mn-Ga-Si alloys as a way to increase mechanical properties

Musabirov I.I.

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  Electronic structure and interatomic exchange interactions in LaFe13-xSix alloys

Golovchan A.V., Kamantsev A.P., Shavrov V.G., Kovalev O.E., Sivachenko A.P.

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